Customs and customs-free storage

We have over 25,000 m2 of dedicated storage space for works of art and valuables at the Geneva Freeport, and 10,000 m2 of secure storage space in downtown Geneva for works of art and valuables imported into Switzerland.

Our spacious, modern warehouses have been specially designed for the conservation and preservation of works of art and valuable objects. Our premises are monitored 24/7 with cutting-edge alarm systems and constant temperature and moisture control.

We can provide private or shared areas for the ultimate in storage and protection to suit both your requirements and those of the valuables stored inside.

Thanks to our know-how and unique location in one of the safest and most stable cities in the world, Natural le Coultre is also able to offer extremely competitive insurance capacities and rates.

Natural le Coultre provides secure showrooms at our warehouses in Freeport and in Sécheron for Swiss items to provide our clients with a complete range of services, as well as art transport and storage.

These showrooms are designed to display art in the best conditions (temperature and hygrometry control, appropriate lighting etc.) to avoid additional handling, delays, hazards and transport fees.

Natural le Coultre is insured by Willis Towers Watson (, an insurance broker dealing exclusively with Class A insurance companies. Thanks to the amounts insured on behalf of its customers, Natural le Coutre benefits from very attractive rates and conditions to protect and perpetuate your works of art and valuables.

What’s more, entrusting your insurance to Natural le Coultre gives you a single point of contact you can rely on for the complete management of your artistic assets (storage, transport and insurance).

We provide art and valuable collection management to all our clients, In order to create an inventory with photos, condition and details of all your works, a visual condition report and photographs are taken for each entry into our depots.

A renowned restorer in Geneva has a workshop on-site at our Freeport premises in Geneva to provide condition reports for sales or exhibitions. We also have a network of specialist restorers handling art of all kinds (painting, sculpture, installation, different materials etc.)

We work closely with specialist photographers, frame-makers, stock takers and collection cleaners as well as an analytical laboratory.

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