Sustainable wood and Second-hand crates

The wood we use to make our crates and packaging is FSC-certified. FSC®-CoC (Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody) upholds a set of 10 principles and 57 criteria for forest management, respect for communities, international law, labour rights and stress on the environment.

Our wood supplier has a due diligence system and can prove its supplies meet the EUTR criteria (good management, traceability, respect for local communities etc.). As well as using sustainable wood to make our crates, we provide our clients with second-hand ISPM15 museum, gallery or basic crates in excellent condition.

Energy savings and Recycling

We put an energy and water saving plan in place in 2019 using the best techniques to reduce and make the most of our energy use. All our offices and warehouses are

fitted with sensors to control electricity. Non-essential IT installations are switched off automatically during non-working hours, and we maintain our buildings in such a way as to minimize their impact on the environment.

Any off-cuts are reused by Natural le Coultre or our sister company, Moviiu to make packaging, dunnage and protection for artwork and valuables. We’ve reduced our industry waste by over 60% in two years. We also ensure our service provider disposes of unusable waste so it has as little long-term impact on the environment as possible.

Long-term vision and goals

We are part of a group of over 15 companies specialising in art logistics, so we have the experience of a CSR group that has been working on future innovations and solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our industry since 2021. Our research includes crates, road transport, air freight and raw materials.

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