National & international transport

Art logistics requires specific transport expertise. Our teams will be able to advise you and meet all your needs, whatever they may be (transport by road, air or sea).

We provide road transport for valuables in Switzerland and Europe with a weekly shuttle between Geneva and Paris alongside regular routes to/from major European capitals.

As a member of the ARTIM and ICEFAT associations, all our fifteen fine art vehicles meet the highest standards to guarantee the safety of works of art and valuables: padded and air-conditioned vehicles, air-cushion suspensions, alarm, geo-location and tracking, 2 drivers on board).

Collectors, art galleries, auction houses and art fairs around the world trust Natural le Coultre. Experience a bespoke service from a team with in-depth expertise ranging from stock taking, customs requirements, packing, road or air transport, storage and expert handling.

Natural le Coultre provides transport and exhibition management on behalf of museums, foundations and major international exhibitions.

From drafting quotes and making museum-standard crates to hanging pieces on the exhibition venue’s walls, packing, road transport, air freight, airport supervision and conveyor assistance, our specialist staff can fulfil your requirements and meet your deadlines, handling your artwork with professionalism and care.

Natural le Coultre has specialised in managing statement pieces for the biggest interior designers for years. We provide a logistics platform in Freeport to handle, consolidate, store, ship and install pieces and furniture on-site in Switzerland and worldwide.

Natural le Coultre has outstanding expertise in packing and making crates to transport valuable and fragile items.

We have several specialized joineries and packing rooms, enabling us to offer a wide range of services, from simple protective packaging to the construction of climatic cases for museums and traveling exhibitions.

Our crates are popular and renowned among the biggest museums, collectors and galleries worldwide. We take care of the environment by only using eco-friendly materials.

Natural le Coultre provides a premium private removals service designed to meet the most discerning needs among clients who require total discretion.

As artwork transporters, our teams work with priceless pieces and valuables on a daily basis, giving them unrivalled expertise in terms of handling, packing, transporting and installing your property whether they are of monetary or sentimental value.

This premium service is designed for people with high-value items such as artwork, antiques and designer furniture that require specific handling and transport.

Whether you’re a professional or a collector of art, paintings, sculptures or antiques, you can protect your works of art and valuables with our “all risks” transport insurance.

Natural le Coultre is insured by Willis Towers Watson (, an insurance broker dealing exclusively with Class A insurance companies.

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